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Federal US Regulation Soldier Waist Belt

Brown Buff Leather Belt ~37" long. Marked with oval R. White inspectors stamp. Arrows type brass US belt plate and brass keeper.

Note: Close up photos off buff leather buckle in second row.

Near mint condition Price $525

Model 1851 Federal Cavalry Sword Belt Rig

With Original Polished Leather Belt, Hanger Straps, Shoulder Sling and  Cast-Brass Eagle Belt Plate w Applied Silver Wreath

This eagle plate buckle matches the one shown in Mike O'Donnell's Book on American Military Belt Plates, Plate 625. The belt plate is circa 1862-1863 with a slightly wider design. There are no plate bench marks, there is a US stamped on the leather shoulder sling. 


This extremely fine enlisted cavalryman's leather belt is complete, and remains soft and pliable with no breaks or repairs.  The cast-brass Eagle sword belt plate has a rich, aged patina with the full silver wreath remaining intact. 


This cavalry sword belt rig is one of the nicest Federal Cavalry rigs that is 100% original and would be a nice addition to any Civil War collection. 

Price $1600

Federal US Regulation Soldier Waist Belt

Black Buff Leather Belt ~37" long. Marked with oval R. White inspectors stamp. Arrows type brass US belt plate and brass keeper.

Oval Ordnance Inspection Stamp is on outside of leather. Comes with Horse Soldier Letter.

Absolutely Mint Condition Price $695

Brown Buff Leather

M-1855 Socket Bayonet Scabbard 


Excellent condition, 19" socket bayonet length. Seven rivet frog with maker's stamp, all stitching intact with brass scabbard tip revets also present. Minimal marks on leather - nice patina on tip.


Stamped in tow lines "H.W. Oliver - Pittsburgh PA"


Comes with Horse Soldier letter which did not notice maker mark on frog.


Price $295   SOLD

Scarce Model 1851  DIE STAMPED Officer's Brass Eagle Waist Belt Plate on Black Patent Leather 

This thin die stamped rolled brass eagle belt plate with an applied small tongue was probably made around 1861 period, but could be an earlier  militia waist belt by an unknown maker. 


From O'Donnell's book on Am. Military Belt Plates, the eagle's design is very similar to Figures 605 and 606 with the five wing feathers closest to the shield pointing down toward the olive branches and arrows. Most M-1851 belt plates have a round curved flow of the wing feathers pointing outward. Most Model 1851 buckles are cast brass. The buckle's reverse shows the die stamped construction - it was not lead filled. 


This plate shows a strong die crack coming out of the left feather into the side border. The photos show two leather ties holding the belt together but only for ease of handing. The leather condition is pliable and extremely fine with the 4 rows of decorative stitching all intact. The overall belt is about 38"in length including the buckle.

This specific variant buckle is not shown in O'Donnell's book.

A very nice scarce Officer Waist Belt.

 Price: $875.00


Model 1839 U.S. Infantry & Rifleman's White Buff Waist Belt

Unused Condition       SOLD

Once Owned by Sidney Kerksis - Shown In His 1974 Book Plates & Buckles of Am. Military 1795-1874


This leather belt and plate are 100% original, in unused condition. It has a small brass U.S. Oval Belt Plate stamped "MADE BY J.I PITTMAN" in two lines on the lead filled back as defined and shown the Kerksis book. The Kerksis photograph shows a dimple in the open space of the "U" and dimple on the left upright of the "U" in US, verifying this is the actual plate shown in the book. The plate has a glossy aged patina.

The buff leather belt is 1 7/16" wide x by ~38' long including the belt plate. The buckle size is 1.6 x 2.72 inches. A belt loop is sewn on at the end of the belt.  Regulation calls for 1-1/2" wide x 38-1/2" length belt. Many of these belts were often cut down.

The leather belt shows the curved shadow of the US plate and a lighter white color indicating the US plate has been on this belt since its time of assembly.

Records show Pittman supplied approximately 20,000 small US waist belt plates under his name from 1845-1855.

A letter of authentication comes with the US belt rig. A very scarce pre-Civil War military item.  Price $1300  

Extremely Scarce 11 Stars

CS Oval Waist Buckle 

 Attractive rare buckle on its original leather waist belt representing the eleven southern Confederacy States. Rarity 9 in Mullinax book on Confederate Buckles & Plates.


Leather belt is flexible and shows wear along with finish loss, particularly at the area of the hook holes where the soldier scraped off the belt surface trying to find the proper hole for his waist size. Casting file marks shown on both long sides of buckle.

Plate measures 76 mm x 50 mm. Comes with a 2016 signed letter of provenance - originally found in Mississippi and given to the collector's deceased father. These plates were made in the west and issued only to Western Theater troops. Note: provenance letter is hand signed with letter head.


A great Confederate Buckle.   ON-HOLD


Price  $18,900

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