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Federal US Regulation Soldier Waist Belt

Brown Buff Leather Belt ~37" long. Marked with oval R. White inspectors stamp. Arrows type brass US belt plate and brass keeper.

Note: Close up photos off buff leather buckle in second row.

Near mint condition Price $525

Very Fine G.N. Wyman Marked Confederate Cap Box w Original Wool, Caps and Metal Nipple Pick

A very fine Georgia made cap box stamped with two lines on the cover flap "G.N. Wyman & Co / Augusta Ga". The box has about 50% of its wool, several (7-9) original unused percussion caps, and a southern made pick presumably provided with the box. The dark brown leather is in strong condition with a lead finial, solid stitching, and large single waist belt strap on the back. 

George N. Wyman sold under contract several items to the Confederacy in Georgia such as cap and cartridge boxes, bayonet frogs, shoulder and waist belts, horse bridles, tools and punches, knives, paper and even turpentine as well as riding carriages either before and/or after the war as documented from FOLD-3 Confederate supply forms and trade literature. A great addition to any Confederate collection. High quality Confederate marked cap boxes are not found often - formerly from Jim McConkey collection. PRICE $6800   ON-HOLD

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1864-1-4 Pg. 1 Accoutements, Wagon & Har

Strong Condition Confederate Flap Type Holster with Roller Buckle Tab / Latch

Hard to find, this is a non-regulation brown leather holster made to accommodate a 36 caliber Colt Model 1851 style revolver.

The holster measures about 14” length from the top of the flap to the bottom. Holster is made from two pieces. The flap sewn to the main body - there is a 3/4" leather break on the right side where the flap is sewn to the body. The holster is well stitched, sturdy and made from thick brown leather. The closure tab is sewn to the flap with a with a roller buckle sewn into the holster body to receive the tab.

Holster has a 2” wide belt loop sewn on the reverse and is still strongly stitched in place. The loop is strong and flexible. Holster has a closed muzzle end - normally the end is open on purpose or from use. Leather has a mottled appearance but is in overall fine condition for its age. All stitching remains strong. This holster came out of a collection in NC. A great piece, originally quality made for a 36 caliber revolver. Price $2900


“E. Gaylord/ Chicopee/ Mass.” Marked 44 Cal. Revolver Pistol Cartridge Box


 Approx. 5 1/8 x 1 x 6.5 Inch brown leather, w/reverse belt loops and bottom finial and strap. Leather and stitching very good. Final strap moderately worn. Maker's mark is strongly stamped on the reverse. Some small leather finish missing on body under the flap. 

Leather condition is flexible for the latch tab, straps, and flap

Price $175

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Very Fine 1864 Dated Mann's Patent Carbine Cartridge Box with Finger Pull Up Tin


This cartridge box is a different style ammunition box - it was a leather accoutrement carried by many Federal cavalrymen during the last part of the Civil War.  Referred to as the Mann’s Patent box, it was introduced in December 1863 by Colonel W.D. Mann of Detroit, MI, and was designed to replace earlier traditional type cartridge boxes. 


This accoutrement had a single hook end leather strap that enabled the box to be worn on the waist belt of the trooper with the strap placed over the shoulder and attached to a brass belt half ring for better support. The new equipment combined a cartridge box, pistol box and cap box all in one belt rig with crossing straps that enabled the soldier to carry more ammo as held in the older boxes.

The leather of this cartridge box is very fine condition, very strong and smooth, with minimal surface scuffs.  It has a well embossed oval US marking on the box flap with a double-bordered oval with 1” high embossed letters “US” inside. Within the border is stamped, “COLONEL MANN’S PATENT REISSUED JUNE 7TH 1864 / E. GAYLORD MAKER-CHICOPEE, MASS.” A well stamped script “US” and rectangular sub-inspector’s stamp of "T.J Shepaprd". Box outer flap has the original leather closure tab that is strong and complete and fits tightly onto the original pear-shaped brass finial at the bottom of the cartridge box. 


Outer flap also retains both end-pieces and is strongly stitched in place. Leather tool pouch is very strong and complete.  Box has a 1 3/8” wide, leather strip or loop stitched and riveted to the backside enabling it to be used as a waist belt. Leather shoulder carry strap was cut off which often done.  The all brown leather box is in very fine condition with a few tiny areas of scattered surface wear / marks. The metal cartridge tin medium has a gray coloring and is in fine original condition.  It has a finger-pull ring centered on the tin frame for raising the lower level of cartridges.  Price $850 Now $750

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Page above from F. Gaede & P. Johnson pamphlet on Mann Patent Accoutrements - Pub. 2011


  Near Full Length Civil War Federal Cavalry Carbine Sling


This sling with a "snap hook" was designed to support a cavalry trooper's carbine while riding his horse on the field. The sling was cross slung over the shoulder and the snap hook clipped on the the saddle ring of the carbine. The sling supported the carbine while riding and left the trooper's hands free for controlling his mount. The length is 53" and 2 3/8" with - standard length is 56". Very Nice condition with border trim on each side. The snap hook is stamped by E. Gaylord and inspected by T.J. Shepard. Pattern M-1855 sling.

The bridle leather surface is very strong and supple with very light areas of crazing. Brass buckle and tip “batwings” original to the sling having never been cleaned!  A very nice example with supple bridle leather. 

Price $950 Now $850


Extraordinary ID'd Confederate Officer Roller Buckle Waist Belt w Holster / Pouch / Side Knife   SOLD

Old Label marked "George W. Singleton" on Inside of Belt Tongue

     Belt Rig Comes with:One 

  • With Roller Buckle flap Holster 

  • With Roller Buckle Cap/Ball Pouch

  • 12 ¼” Length Clip Point Bowie Knife * with Sheath

  * This side knife matches closely with the knife shown from the book "Confederate Bowie Knives" pg 162 as a NC Made knife. - see below

This belt rig is in strong condition but shows usage wear, the cap pouch is slightly stiff - the leather pieces are hand sewn with a roller buckles used on the main belt, holster and cap / ammo pouch! The holster will only fit a 31 cal. revolver with a 4" barrel - typical of an officer's gun. There are examples of Confederate holsters with roller buckle flaps. A great Confederate belt rig.  Comes in a glass lid wood stained display box as shown. The artifact comes from the Bill Erquitt collection.   Price $5900 Now $5500   SOLD


From  Am CW Database - 8 men are listed.

One possibly soldier may be a sharpshooter - 

George W. Singleton – Co. B, SC Palmetto Sharp Shooters - Enlisted 5/2/1862 - 28 years old - wounded and POW at Darbytown VA 10/7/1864 - left leg amputated Served till April 13 1865.


Example of a Confederate Captain belt rig from Book "Collecting Confederate" on left and Confederate roller buckle holster on bottom.

CSA Holster 7.jpg

Indian War US Infantry Waist Belt with Jeb Stuart Type Clip on Sword Straps

A nice example of an adjustable US waist belt and clip on sword straps. Belt shows inspector / vendor markings. No major problems.  No marks on strap rig.  Price $375