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1814 Cap Bust Half Dollar NGC Graded AU-Details

A very interesting 1814 Cap Bust Half Dollar, Overton Variety O-103, graded by NGC AU Details. This handsome coin has retoned over time into a uniform light gray color accented by a darker purple tone on the rims.


It shows several opposite die impressions on both the obverse and reverse. There is no evidence of a harsh cleaning.

The reverse shows a very large die crack running from the left wing to the motto banner. There is a die crack running through the 50 C on the reverse. Also the tips of the lower laurel leaves extend into the rim on the reverse side, hence a clash die example.

Both sides of the coin show strong evidence of the opposing dies impressing one another through a die strike executed by the mint without the presence of a silver planchet.

Most prominent on the obverse is a section of the reverse motto E.PLURIBUS UNUM appearing upside down beneath Liberty's bust. Part of the reverse shield stripes show below Liberty's ear.

A great example of a classic error on a beautiful coin.

Price $525

High Grade US

Morgan Silver Dollars 

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1879 MS-64          $150

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Rainbow Colors

1887-O MS-63      $175

1887-S MS-63       $275 

1888-S MS-64      $600

1889 MS-64         $140

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1891-S MS-63       $140

1892 MS-63          $400 

1892-O MS-63      $ 350

1898-S MS-60      $225

1904 MS-63         $185 

Confederate Notes

1863 $50 Confederate Note - Unc.  T-57

 Price $195 Now $175

1862 $100 Confederate Note - Unc. T-41

Price $225 Now $200

CSA Watermark printed on Note. Scarce Columbus and Jackson Miss. annual interest payment cities.

Pre Civil War US Coronet $5 Gold Coins - High Grade

I have been a member of the Liberty Seated Coin Collectors Club for over 40 years and written over 15 articles during my active collecting days. The Liberty head $5 gold coins were designed by Christian Gobrecht who also designed the Liberty silver seated coinage from 1837 to 1891. The Liberty Head gold coin series ran from 1839-1908. From an article written in the recent on-line Gobrecht Journal, collecting these gold from this period is a challenge due availability, cost and condition. Gold is softer than silver and the gold coins typically received more surface marks when shipped from the mints to the banks in bags for circulation than silver coinage. The strength of strike is often a problem as well normal wear and detail loss from circulation. 

From PCGS Coin Facts, incompletely struck coins from this period are the rule, not the exception, and one should expect softness of strike on the hair curls of Liberty as well as the eagle's left (facing) leg on all branch mint coins and some of the Philadelphia issues. Some coins shows dull finishes.

The coins offered for sale are examples of strong strikes with minimal problems and very good color and solid finishes for pre Civil War gold coins. Compare the quality to other internet offerings and you will see these coins are desirable for collectors. The existing survival estimates are from PGGS.

1844-O - 364,600 made - About 550 exist in all grades - No visible fine cleaning lines/marks - UNC Details - Price $1500

1852-D - 91,584 made - About 300 exist in all grades - No visible fine cleaning lines/marks, very clean fields - AU Details             Price $3800

1856-S - 105,100 made - About 225 exist in all grades -  There are 4 very fine scratch lines across face when tilting coin - very strong detail - AU Details - Price $1200

1857-C - 31,360 made - About 500 exist in all grades - MS-62 but probably AU-58 - Price $5500

1861 - 688,084 made - About 1250 exist in all grades - Uncirculated coin - Strong details / luster, clean fields - Price $2500

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