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1814 Cap Bust Half Dollar NGC Graded AU-Details

A very interesting 1814 Cap Bust Half Dollar, Overton Variety O-103, graded by NGC AU Details. This handsome coin has retoned over time into a uniform light gray color accented by a darker purple tone on the rims.


It shows several opposite die impressions on both the obverse and reverse. There is no evidence of a harsh cleaning.

The reverse shows a very large die crack running from the left wing to the motto banner. There is a die crack running through the 50 C on the reverse. Also the tips of the lower laurel leaves extend into the rim on the reverse side, hence a clash die example.

Both sides of the coin show strong evidence of the opposing dies impressing one another through a die strike executed by the mint without the presence of a silver planchet.

Most prominent on the obverse is a section of the reverse motto E.PLURIBUS UNUM appearing upside down beneath Liberty's bust. Part of the reverse shield stripes show below Liberty's ear.

A great example of a classic error on a beautiful coin.

Price $525

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