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New Items / Show Events 

          Note: Under the Main Button Headings of:  Militaria    Antiques    Jewelry

       There are items listed for sale in these main categories as well as the sub-category buttons.


   Many items may be discounted based on reasonable offers - Inquires are welcomed   

  New / Revised Items - Rolling 6 - 9 months Basis:

ANTIQUES - Add a rare Confederate Naval Dirk - marked for the C.S.S. Alabama and Its Officer Owner, Lt. Richard F. Armstrong of GA  11/29/2023

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add Pattern 1861 Brown Leather 58 Cal. Cartridge Box w Tins 11/29/2023

MILITARIA - ACCOUT - Add a Set of Tins for 58 Caliber Civil War Cartridge Box  11/24/2023

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add Two Different Cased Images of Civil War Soldiers  11/24/2023 

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add Clip Point Confederate Fighting Knife 19 " Length  11/24/2023

JEWELRY -ART - Add Antique 19th Century French Miniature Portrait on Ivory of Paolina Bonaparte in Leather Case  11/11/2023 

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add 1821 Dated M-1816 Converted Militia Musket w State of New York (SNY) Mark w Bayonet 11/07/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add 1836 Dated M-1816 Converted Militia Musket w "New Hampshire" State Mark 11/07/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add High Grade Colt Special Signature Series Replica M-1861 Rifled Musket w Sling C-1990's  11/06/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add a Very Fine Example of a M-1840 Horstmann Marked Officer's Etched Blade Cavalry Sword/Scabbard  11/05/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add M-1860 S & F Sword w Etched Blade for Pvt. Wm S. Aunks, 38th PA 11/04/2023

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add Framed Civil War Albumen Print by Taylor & Huntington of "Rebel Winter Quarters at Centreville Va 1862" 11/04/2023  

MILITARIA - Leather - Add M-1852 US Navy Officers Buckle/Leather Belt Rig w Rare Blue/Gold Dress Cover  11/03/2023 ON-HOLD


MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add a 1880's Wooden Gettysburg Battlefield Souvenir Toy Revolver Marked w Key Battlefield Sites 09/20/2023  

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add Pre Civil War Militia Two Piece Eagle Waist Belt Circa 1850-1860 w Soldier CDV Wearing Identical Belt 09/01/2023

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add a group of Civil War Stereoview Cards by Taylor & Huntington 08/31/2023

MILITARIA - ACCOUT - Set of Brass Cavalry Spurs w Rowels Owned by Samuel H. Fowler - 1st Maine Cavalry / Fought at Gettysburg 08/29/2023

MILITARIA - ACCOUT - Add Beautiful Piedmont NC Powder Horn from Central NC From Well Known Collector  08/21/0223 

MILITARIA - ACCOUT - Add Am. Rev War French Officer Gorget w Provenance to Battle of Yorktown  08/04/2023

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add Complete E. Gaylord Marked Cavalry Sword Belt Rig w M-1851 Style Buckle/Benched Marked 08/01/2023 

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add high grade James Boyd Marked Rifleman's Cartridge Box   07/24/2023

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add Mint Condition E. Gaylord Cap Box, a Davey Pistol Cartridge Box and a Wilkinson Carbine Cartridge Box 07/05/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add a nice Boyle & Gamble Short Artillery Sword w Soldiers's Initials WG  07/01/2023


MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add Model 1816 Original S. North Flintlock Pistol Marked N.CAROLINA on Barrel - Very Scarce 06/07/2023 SOLD

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add US Puppy Paw Oval Buckle (SOLD) and M-1851 Eagle Belt Plate (SOLD)- Both on Their Original Leather  05/30/2023

MILITARIA - IMAGES etc. - Add Union POW Soldier Patriotic Watch Fab Carved Bone Art 05/19/2023  SOLD 

MILITARIA - ACCOUT- Add Model 1858 Smooth Face Union Canteen with Original Brown Cover and Sling 05/04/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add 1862 Dated CS Richmond Rifled Musket Partially Made from Harpers Ferry Parts  04/28/2023 SOLD

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add Two Quarter Images/Hard Cases - Wealthy Dressed Older Couple SOLD Southern Woman w Mulatto Servant 04/22/23 SOLD 

MILITARIA - ACCOUT. - Add Large Pattern 1839 Dragoon US Puppy Paw Belt Plate w Protective Leather Attached on Lead Back  04/22/2023 SOLD

MILITARIA - ACCOUT. - Add Pair of Small US (Pattern 1839) Belt Buckle and Cartridge Box Plate Both Marked by Maker  04/22/2023  SOLD

MILITARIA - ACCOUT. - Add M-1851 Gold Washed Eagle Waist Belt Plate w Matching Bench Marks  04/22/2023

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Revised Price on Capt. Horbach Engraved Swords  04/17/2023

MILITARIA - Weapons - Add Model 1821 Type British Cavalry Sword / Scabbard Unmarked for Import Service  03/25/2023

MILITARIA - Leather - Add W.H. Oliver marked Civil War 58 Cal. Musket Cartridge Box w Embossed US & Brass US Plate on Flap  03/24/2023 SOLD 

MILITARIA - Leather - Add Officer's Two Piece VA MiIitia Sword Belt Rig w Chain Straps & a Replaced CS Brass Tongue  02/23/2023

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add Two 1/6th Tin Plate Images in One Case of Identical Boy & Girl Twins 02/21/2023 

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add Rare Confederate Boyle & Gamble Flying "V" in the Hilt Foot Officer Sword w Scabbard 02/18/2023  ON-

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add CS Amry of Tenn Belt Buckle on Original Leather From B. Beard Collection 02/17/2023 SOLD

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add 1/6th Tin Pate of Confederate Cavalry Soldier Wearing Gauntlets and Army of Tenn Slouch Hat 02/11/2023  SOLD

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add Very Rare "Ga ARMORY <1862>" Marked Saber Bayonet w Scabbard  01/29/2023    SOLD

MILITARIA - LEATHER - Add Georgia Frame Buckle Waist Belt on Original Leather  01/24/2023  SOLD

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add Two CDV Images of two Confederate Officers - One from Tenn & One From MD/VA  01/24/2023  SOLD

MILITARIA - IMAGES - Add 1/2 Plate Ambrotype Image of Five Soldiers in Leather Case 01/23/2023   SOLD

MILITARIA - WEAPONS - Add British Adams Bullet Mold/Tranter Bullet Tin 01/23/2023  


My attendance is planned for the following Military Shows: 

Summer Gettysburg PA Civil War Show

Allstar Events Complex                                          

2638 Emmitsburg Rd                                              

Gettysburg, PA 17325                                            

Friday June 23 - Sunday June 25 2023  

Summer Richmond VA Civil War Show                        

Meadow Event Park              

13191 Dawn Blvd.

Doswell, VA                                         

Friday July 14 - Sunday July 16 2023

Summer Chattanooga Militaria / Americana Show

Camp Jordan Arena

323 CampJordan Parkway

East Ridge TN  

Friday July 22 - Sunday 24 2022  May not attend this year 2023

Summer Northern Georgia Relics Hunters Show

Cobb County Civic Center
548 South Marietta Pkwy SE
Marietta GA 30060

Friday Aug. 11 Sunday Aug. 13 2023  

Autumn VA Central VA Relic Hunters Assoc. / Bullet & Shell   

Meadow Event Park              

13191 Dawn Blvd.

Doswell, VA 

Friday Nov. 17 - Saturday Nov. 18 2023  

Spring Gettysburg PA Civil War Show 

Allstar Events Complex

2638 Emmitsburg Rd

Gettysburg PA 17325

Friday Apr. 14- Sunday  Apr. 16 2023  

Autumn Gettysburg PA Civil War Show

Allstar Events Complex

2638 Emmitsburg Rd

Gettysburg PA 17325

Friday Oct. 27 – Sunday Oct. 29 2023  Plan to Attend in 2024

Winter South Carolina Low Country Civil War & Artifact Show

Omar Shrine Temple

176 Patriots Point Rd

Mt. Pleasant SC

Friday Jan. 5 – Sunday Jan. 7 2024

Chickamauga GA Civil War & Military Show

Trade & Convention Center 

I-75 Exit 333 - Walnut Ave.

Dalton GA

Friday Feb. 2 - Sunday Feb. 4 2024  

South Boston VA Civil War & Military Collectors Show

210 Factory St.

South Boston VA

Feb. 23 - Feb. 25

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